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Created by Ashish Agarwal

CutYourURL URL Shortener
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The Features of CutYourURL

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Custom Short Links

Generate custom short links to not be unknown!


Protect your links with reCAPTCHA to prevent spam and abuse.

Visibility and Tracking

Make your link public and get it listed in the recent ones, or choose private. Track your visitors and not get lost!

QR Codes

Short Links too short? We've got QR codes for every of you!


Are your links important to you? Automatically delete them without worrying. At a specific time, or a limited clicks?

Coming soon

More features are coming soon! Stay tuned!

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It builds a difference!
Bitly TinyURL Rebrandly CutYourURL
Plan Free and Paid Free and Paid Free and Paid Free
Fast Redirects Only in Paid Not available Not available All in Free
Choosen Expiry

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